The China Girl two stroke engine is a simple design with very few moving parts and is an easy engine to upgrade for speed and reliability. These engines are very simple to work on and if good modifications are preformed correctly these engines can produce a rumored 9 horse power. Pushing power and torque to the limits is toying with destruction and for some people that fine line is the end goal. Anything left over is given to the Gods of Power.

Simple modifications can generally produce a good 4 horse power engine but more specifically and important, a good modified engine can be dependable when built correctly and maintained properly. Speed is great but reliability has it’s own merits.

By working on and maintaining your own engine you can expect to  learn something new while having fun and save a ton of money on simple and even a major repairs. Hopefully the information contained on this website will be found helpful and informative. I encourage submissions as well as corrections on any and all information posted here.

Enjoy the website, bookmark it and please tell your friends about us. Cheers!

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