Compression Heads

There are several styles of compression heads available for the stock two stroke engines and many after market models to choose from.

Beyond style, fit and specificĀ use, the main purpose of a quality compression head is to keep the engine cool. There are other considerations for the squish band and overall compression but cooling is the goal. Be aware that increases in the compression will take a toll on the wrist bearing, this is a component you may want to upgrade even if your not planning to increase the compression.

Billet aluminum is an excellent heat sink that dissipates heat very efficiently and is by far the best choice based on cost performance. Fins should run front to back for good air flow across surface and through the head. The greater the surface area, the better it is able to dissipate the heat generated.

The type of aluminum used has a major impact when it comes to hardness, lack of density can allow for ping noise and distortions. Some aftermarket heads can actually cause your engine to run hotter then normal and cheap models should be avoided.

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