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  1. i am now building a pk80 for my bike,im trying to find a good starting place to find some numbers for porting ,im trying to run reed valves and a keihin carb with a x chamber from a 1979 suziki rm 60.also i cant find the forum for this site.thanks for the site

    1. Insert the piston and mark your top exhaust port. Mark the top of the transfers. The boost should be between the transfers and the top of the exhaust port. Beyond that you start getting into numbers that would surely change as does the dimensions on various cylinders. The above rule will get you started on figuring out what works with the source material you have to work with.

  2. Hi. I realize site is under construction/new. Like the above post by thomas C, I’m not sure if I’m able to access a forum here or not.
    I came here trying to determine my engine type, and what I might need to know when ordering new cyclinder, piston, or crank, e.g.
    It’s got a type B piston and ZAE80 rod.
    I have conflicting information from the seller’s listing which describes it as a 40mm stroke engine, and it comes with a manual for an “A80”.
    However, I’ve been told that the A80 engines only come with a ZL rod, and that mine must be a 38mm stroke GT5 type engine.
    I’m trying to get a solid reliable answer.
    I’ll read the material available here, and see if I can get clarity 🙂

    1. An A80 engine uses a B piston. The stroke is 39.5mm // Common engines are 38, 39.5 and 40mm strokes. Rod stroke will always dictate the piston. Only the true 40mm stroke engine use the A piston.

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